• Main dude in charge
  • Beer drinker
  • Hell raiser
  • Master Pokemon Trainer
  • ...and sometimes he shows people how to shoot good.

From 2003 to 2016 James played around in the U.S. Army. His first major assignment (active duty) was in Iraq as an M1 Abrams Tank loader with the Buffalo Soldiers of the 10th US Cavalry. 

​After he left active duty, James spent 3 years as a security team member responsible for safeguarding a National Security Asset for a major international private security company.

James ended his Army career in 2016 after finishing his last assignment as a (National Guard) Military Police Platoon Sergeant for the External Security Force under the Joint Detention Group in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 

James is currently a full time Police Officer with the Department of Defense and has experience as a department instructor in active shooter response, collapsible baton, pepper spray, handcuffing, and being awesome. As an instructor, James has experience in training a variety of law enforcement, military, security officers, and civilians with varying levels of proficiency. 

In 2014, James partnered Eagle Defense up with Work For Warriors to provide FREE security licensing training to current military members and Veterans.

"Getting Soldier's and Vet's a steady paycheck is the whole reason I started this business. Everything else is just to pay for the expenses."- James.

  • NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Basic Rifle and Pistol Instructor
  • BSIS Firearms Instructor #2051
  • CA P.O.S.T Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor
  • Sabre pepper spray instructor
  • Asp baton and handcuffing instructor
  • Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Specialist

    California National Guard State Shooting Championship:
  • 2012- 4th place Service Pistol
  • 2014- 7th place Service Pistol


  • Combat Infantry Badge (don't worry, he'll tell you)
  • Rifle Instructor
  • Mickey Mouse Impersonator

After years of struggling with big words and math as a child, Tom gave up and joined the Infantry.
During his trip to Afghanistan, Tom was the Squad Designated Marksman and Infantry Team Leader.

Tom, like James, gave a big middle finger to active duty and became an MP in the Army National Guard where he picks off power point slides up to 1 meter away. Tom is an experienced and accomplished leader of Soldiers and continues to serve as a resident small arms weapons expert. 

  • U.S Army Squad Designated Marksman Graduate

  • Ladies Trainer
  • Armature model
  • Professional drinker

With roughly a decade of experience as a member of the Military Police Corps, Brandi has experience in both the law enforcement and combat capacities.
After years of carrying a gun in theaters like Iraq and Cuba, she knew she was different from everyone else. She then realized that she was being taught firearms manipulations by large males and was not, in fact, a large male.

Brandi has been using her experiences to mentor other female Soldiers how to operate a pistol that was designed for men. She's even taught some male ones as well after she beats them into submission.