Any time you register for one of our shooting classes, you can renew/modify your Sacramento County CCW or your armed security exposed firearms permit for FREE! Only good the day of class. Please email us prior to class if interested.

Listed prices are for Sac Valley Shooting Center. Check the training calendar for the price of specific classes.

Pistol Fundamentals
  • 4 HOURS- $100 NORMAL, $200 PRIVATE.

Questions you may have that this class will answer:
  • What is a gun? How do I use it safely? How does it work? What if I want to use a holster?  
  • How can I get KINDA NOT THAT BAD at shooting it?

  • None.

  • Pistol safety. 
  • Pistol shooting fundamentals.
  • Drills you can practice on your own.
  • Drawing from the holster (if applicable)
  • Two handed shooting position.
  • Shooting distances from 3-10 yards.
  • We will be shooting mostly from 3-7 yards.
  • Handgun and magazine maintenance.

  • Handgun. (May be provided.) 
  • 250 rounds of ammunition 
  • 2 magazine (bring as many as you have) 
  • Ear and eye protection (can be provided for free) 

Primitive Pistol
  • 7 HOURS- $120 NORMAL, $260 PRIVATE.

Questions you may have that this class will answer:
  • If someone is attacking me, what should I do?
  • Can you make a me a better shot? What do I do when my gun suddenly stops working?   
  • How do I get more ammo in my gun when I run low out out? What happens when I introduce adrenaline to shooting?  
  • How can I shoot a lot faster but still be accurate? How fast is too fast when it comes to shooting?  
  • Should I always aim for the head? 

  • Must already have basic firearm knowledge or have completed a safety course such as NRA Basic or First Steps Pistol.
  • Military basic training, police academy, armed security experience meets and exceeds this.
  • IDPA/USPSA/IPSC experience is a plus.

  • Additional handgun safety
  • Handgun familiarization
  • Handgun and magazine maintenance/care 
  • Gear and placement
  • Drawing from the holster
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Interview position
  • Challenge and verbal commands
  • Malfunctions; immediate and remedial action drills
  • Empty gun and tactical reloads
  • Intro to basic stressful weapons manipulation
  • Intro to reactionary gap
  • Rapid shot placement and its importance
  • Decision making

  • Defensive handgun (.22 caliber conversion kits for Glocks, etc or SIG Mosquito's are fine.)
  • 400 rounds of ammunition
  • 3 magazines
  • Holster (Belt or thigh ONLY)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Belt or chest rig capable of supporting all gear
  • Snap caps/dummy rounds (if you don’t have any, email us)
  • Ear and eye protectionType your paragraph here.

Aggressive Pistol
  • 8 HOURS- $140 NORMAL, $300 PRIVATE.

Questions you may have that this class will answer:
  • Can we briefly go over some stuff from Level 1?
  • Can I hide behind stuff and shoot?
  • What kind of stuff can I hide behind?
  • How can I hide behind small things and shoot?
  • Is the kneeling and prone practical when someone is attacking me?  
  • How can I move and shoot at the same time?  

  • Completion of basic tactical shooting and manipulation class or competed in action pistol/rifle style competitions ie IDPA/USPSA/3-Gun.
  • Tactical shooting course must be equal to Lv 1.

  • Re-cap of Defense Lv 1
  • Modified kneeling and prone positions
  • Shooting on the move.
  • Read and side threats.
  • Multiple threats.
  • Shooting behind cover/concealment
  • Corners
  • More stress and decision making.

There is A LOT of running in this course. It is not mandatory. If you have a condition that prevents you from complete participation, don't hurt yourself and preform at YOUR best.

  • Holster- Belt or thigh only. Concealed is ok. 
  • Chest rig may be used. If chest rig is used for mounting holster, muzzle must be pointed down. 
  • Magazine pouches
  • Handgun 
  • 400 rounds of ammunition 
  • 4 magazines (bring as many as you have)
  • Ear and eye protection (can be provided for free) 
  • 5 dummy rounds. 
  • You may want to bring knee pads.

Fun with Pistols